DC Residents Create ‘420-Friendly' Housing Network

D.C. law allows residents to grow marijuana, but many renters who use it have trouble finding a landlord who doesn't mind.

A Facebook page called "420 Friendly Housing in DC" is connecting marijuana users with supportive property owners.

Florida native Jamie Edelman and a realtor friend started the page, which had more than 100 members as of Friday.

"They'll say, 'OK, well, we're looking for a place. We want a two-bedroom with a basement for growing.' We'll go into our database and we'll find the criteria that they're looking for," he said.

D.C. legalized small amounts of marijuana possession among adults in February 2015. The law allows people 21 and older to grow as many as six cannabis plants at home. But landlords are free to determine if they want tenants growing the plants on their properties.

Ashley Stafford just joined the Facebook group. She called it "genius" and said it solves a problem many locals have.

"We actually had a landlord who seemed really interested in having us come in, until we mentioned growing cannabis and then ... we didn't hear anything else from them," she said. 

Stafford said she was trying to challenge stigmas against people who use marijuana.

Edelman said people who use the Facebook group just want to follow the rules.

"We're finding responsible people that want to do things legitimately," he said.

Click here for full details on marijuana possession and use that's legal and illegal in D.C.

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