DC National Guard Activated to Help With Coronavirus

The D.C. National Guard was activated earlier this week to provide support for the city as it handles the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

The District of Columbia National Guard announced Saturday that they would be part of the response effort for COVID-19. In a press release, the national guard said their help was request by Mayor Muriel Bowser on March 16. They began providing support when  the secretary of the army approved the request on Wednesday March 18. 

The soldiers and airmen currently positioned to help are working in the in the District’s Emergency Operations Center in order to coordinate support for the inter-agency response efforts.

“During these trying times, it is important that we come together as one to protect the public,”  Major General William J. Walker in a press release. “Our top priority is to assist the District of Columbia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency and the District Department of Health with their response and prevention effort to the Coronavirus threat.”

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