Lauren Gets Juicy Part 3: Judgment Day

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Here’s the long and the short of it … I did a three-day juice cleanse and now, I’m no longer fun.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In my 32 years on this Earth, I’ve had my fair share of fun. In my younger days, I’ve been referred to as a “party girl.” Friends still consult me to figure out the latest restaurants and hot spots.

But since I spent three days just drinking juice, I’ve lost my desire to hang out with my best friends/vices: vodka, peanut M&M’s and yes, even cheese.

Here’s what happened this weekend, post-juice: On Friday, I slowly reintroduced solid foods into my life. Fruit for breakfast was perfect. But lunch got me into trouble. Apparently, I was a little overzealous at the Whole Foods salad bar. My body just wasn’t ready for chick peas and edamame. I was so incredibly full from this salad. I could barely eat dinner that night. In fact, I spent much of the day feeling like I had the flu. I was in bed before 11 p.m. that night.

But as I opened my eyes Saturday morning, I felt like a whole new person. I was like this ball of energy! I was up at 8 a.m. and did three loads of laundry, got a mani/pedi, ran 3.25 miles at the gym, taught a yoga class, and enjoyed a fabulous yoga practice/gathering/vegan dinner with my teacher friends. I was tempted to then meet up with some girlfriends for cocktails, but thought better of it and was in bed by 11:30 p.m.

And Sunday was more of the same. Eating felt better too, but I noticed that I only craved “clean foods,” so lots of salads, fresh veggies and cold summer soups. 

Yes! Finally, I’ve been reset. I’m back to my old self, or maybe it’s a new self? I’m not proclaiming to suddenly be a vegan or even a vegetarian -- I spent nearly 10 years doing that -- but for the near future, I’ve lost my desire to eat meat, dairy, alcohol even sugar (although vegan chocolate chip cookies from Sticky Fingers are A-MAZ-ING!).

I’ve also found new motivation to hit the gym and push myself in my yoga practice (astavakrasana, I will conquer you this month!).

This juice fast was truly a journey. I’ve never been one with much willpower. Put a cupcake in my presence and I would never refuse (my hips and thighs are evidence of this).

But I spent three days just drinking juice! I repeat, just juice! If that’s not willpower, I don’t know what is. The whole process was truly a lesson in discipline. No, I didn’t always feel so fabulous. Yes, my sanity was put into question multiple times. But as I come out on the other side of this, I truly have reaped the benefits.

So this all begs the question... would I do this again?

My colleagues and my boxing instructor will cringe as they read this (they witnessed my full mental breakdown), but the answer is... yes!

In fact, I plan to invest in a juicer and some books on the topic, so I can save some money the next time (although spending all that cash was a good motivator to stick with the program).   

Now, that all being said, I don’t know how long my new sparkle and shine will last. I can’t promise that I’ll say no the next time a slice of pizza beckons to me,  or if I’ll refuse the call of my beloved Grey Goose when I’m at an event this week. But I’ve definitely accomplished my goal. I’m back!!


Editor's Note: Always consult with your doctor before changing your diet or attempting a cleanse. People on certain prescriptions or with some health conditions should not attempt this.

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