Burglar Charged As Peeping Tom

A burglar caught sneaking into a car was also sneaking peeks of naked women, Anne Arundel Police said.

On December 27, Charles Dean Novak, 35, was arrested at a Crofton, Md. home, under suspicion of breaking in to a vehicle.  The arresting officers said he was carrying a camcorder, which was confiscated and put into evidence.

The footage on the camera contained nude and semi-nude images, taken of women who were unaware they were being filmed, police said.  Some of the videos were shot through windows or fences.

When Novak was arrested, he was also found to be carrying a plastic bag containing women's underwear, which was labeled with a woman's first name.  Police were able to find the owner of the underwear in the bag, who was a juvenile.  She said the contents of the bag had been stolen.

Investigators were also able to locate another woman from the video footage.  She identified herself in the films and told authorities that she had never given Novak permission to enter her property or to video tape her.

Novak had been under house arrest following his December 27 apprehension.  After having reviewed the evidence, police went back and re-arrested Novak, charging him with burglary, theft, and peeping tom.

The investigation continues.  Stay with NBC4 for updates as the story develops.

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