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Design by FaceTime: Virtually Recreate Your Space

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Annie Elliott owns her own design firm and understands staring at the same four walls can get stale.

“Everybody is tired of their houses; me included,” she said.

But you don’t have to wait for the pandemic to pass to overhaul a space. Elliott has worked with several clients who have been willing to communicate virtually to make improvements to their homes.

Claire Fletcher of Vienna, Virginia, is one such case. She wanted to revamp her family room into something lighter and brighter.

But with a raging pandemic, she and Elliott were committed to communicating solely virtually.

Claire Fletcher's family room.
Annie Elliott Design
Claire Fletcher's family room.

“We were really in lockdown," Fletcher said. "We weren’t really going out, and Annie couldn’t come and visit. We had to do everything via FaceTime and email and I sent her lots of photos and dimensions."

With 3D renderings, color swatches and paint samples, Elliott presented her plan. Even without ever seeing the space firsthand, Elliott managed to hit the nail on the head.

“When I saw the design, I was so impressed that she had utilized the space so well and she had really captured my taste and it flows so well with the rest of the house,” Fletcher said.

After months of back-and-forth calls and safe installation, Fletcher’s family room underwent a total transformation. The room now is wrapped in a blue and white patterned wallpaper. The tufted seating and floral patterns gave Fletcher the bit of English sensibility she was seeking.

Claire Fletcher's family room.
Annie Elliott Design
Claire Fletcher's family room.

“I did not see the space until we went to photograph it, which was just crazy," Elliott said. "I have to confess, I did hold my breath a little bit, but let out a big sigh of relief when I finally walked in.”

Design by FaceTime may not be for everyone, but this shows that it’s possible recreate a space in a safe way without having to wait for the pandemic to pass.

“I think it’s more important than ever that we enjoy our homes because we’re spending so much time in them with our families and we should enjoy where we are,” Fletcher said.

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