Dangerous Doughnuts: Virginia Woman Tells Police Her Husband Tried to Poison Their Family

They may look delicious, but beware.

A woman told police her estranged husband tried to poison her and her children with a box of tainted doughnuts. Their oldest child took a bite and found a substance inside that officials later identified as potentially fatal.

According to Fairfax County court records, the woman filed for a protective order against her husband in November. She told authorities he had threatened to kill her.

A judge granted the order, and a week later the husband had a visitation with the children. He sent them home with a box of six chocolate, glazed doughnuts, his wife told police.

His oldest child took a bite and found that it tasted bad, a warrant says.

Then, she started inspecting each of the doughnuts. She noticed they each had a slit on the side. Inside, she found a black, charcoal-like substance. She put the doughnuts in the freezer and called police.

Testing showed they had a substance called naphthalene inside. It's often found in mothballs. Mothball packaging warns they can be fatal if swallowed.


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At the father's home, a woman who said he was his sister defended the man.

“I know that everything that happened, his ex-wife is doing the stuff because they’re fighting against child custody," she said.

“I know from the bottom of my heart that he didn’t do it. He’s not that evil," she added.

The daughter who bit the tainted doughnut is OK.

Police are investigating.

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