Cupcake Lines Upsetting Other Businesses

Lines out the door of a popular cupcakery in Bethesda Row are upsetting owners of neighboring businesses.

The lines at Georgetown Cupcake are blocking entrances and patios for other businesses, Georgetown Dish reported.

Most impacted are Assaggi Mozzarella Bar and Daddy & Son Camiceria Italiana, a men’s clothing store. The Georgetown Dish wrote:

"For awhile, the cupcake line was directed in the other direction toward Cava, a fast food operation, away from Assaggi.  However, merchants on that side then complained about the line blocking their entrances.  So, the line was shifted back to Assaggi’s and Daddy & Son’s direction again. Georgetown Cupcake is flanked by Cava and Daddy & Son."

Last week, the cupcakery tried to unveil a plan with measures like using a security guard to control the line.

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