Crimes of Opportunity Rise With the Temperature

Thieves target exposed wallets, phones

More people are spending time outdoors in the warm weather – and that includes criminals, police said.

D.C. police are warning about thieves trying to get their hands on, cash, credit cards and phones.

Now that the weather is nice, more people are eating at restaurants that offer outdoor seating, and thieves are taking advantage by swiping wallets and purses and using victims’ credit cards to go on shopping sprees, police said.

D.C. police said they get dozens of calls each day reporting thefts and pickpocketing. Many victims are women with bags and purses. The thief grabs the items when the victims aren't looking.

Police advise against leaving a cell phone or wallet on the table. Women should keep their bags close and shut, police said.

In a robbery near the Fort Totten Metro Station, a man was thrown to the ground. His credit cards were taken and used in the South Dakota Avenue NW area as well as along Riggs Road in Hyattsville, Md.

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