The Return of the Polar Vortex: Cooler Temps on the Way

Storm Team 4

Need a break from the summer heat? Well, your old friend the polar vortex is making a summer comeback next week.

In a rare weather event, a south-moving polar vortex will soon hit D.C., said Storm Team 4 Meteorologist Tom Kierein.

Kierein said the polar vortex -- which is just really the circulation of air over the North Pole -- will begin sinking much farther south than usual on Monday evening.

The Midwest will see the biggest temperature drop. Lows in Chicago and Minneapolis will be in the 40s and highs will in the mid-60s next week (don't forget, it's July).

This summer-style chill will cool D.C. down by about five to 10 degrees, Kierein said.

So, while the average high temperature is 89 this time of year, you can expect afternoons in the low 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Along with the not-too-hot temperatures, Kierein says to be on the lookout for heavy rain and potential flooding in the D.C. area next week.

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