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Humane Rescue Alliance Seeks Adopters, Foster Homes for Influx of Pets

The organization cites high rescue rates and low adoption rates as the cause of their full capacity

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The Humane Rescue Alliance, a D.C.-based animal rescue and adoption organization, issued an emergency pet adoption plea Wednesday, saying their kennels are at full capacity.

After their last dog kennel was filled, the organization is asking for D.C.-area residents to adopt or foster animals, the Humane Rescue Alliance said in a statement.

Cage HRA photo
Humane Rescue Alliance
The kennels have been setting up temporary crates to make room for new dogs.

Every week, the organization takes in an average of 250 animals but only sees about 115 get adopted, the Humane Rescue Alliance said, calling it an "unsustainable equation."

“As an open admission shelter, we never turn away an animal in need, and we never will,” the Human Rescue Alliance said. “That’s why it’s critical we get as many animals out of our shelter and into homes as possible, and fast.”

Those interested in adopting from the Humane Rescue Alliance can visit their site to see more than 115 animals available for adoption. Those who are unable to adopt but still interested in helping can sign up to temporarily foster an animal.

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