Black Bear Pays Neighbors a Visit in Fort Washington

A black bear captured on video making the rounds in a Prince George's County, Maryland, neighborhood is the talk of the town after brazen incursions into backyards and roads triggered phone calls to state and local authorities.

The bear, sighted in Fort Washington just south of Washington on Saturday, has been captured on several neighborhood surveillance cameras and in videos posted to social media.

The videos show a seemingly curious, hungry bear running across streets in front of cars in the middle of the day, or meandering in front of a house.

Other clips show the bear roaming through a yard, knocking over a bird bath and sniffing around.

A black bear making the rounds through a Fort Washington neighborhood is the talk of the town. News4's Darcy Spencer has reactions from residents.

Some residents tell News4 that they are scared and concerned, and others say they have tried contacting authorities.

The Humane Society of the United States says bears can often lose fear of humans when they find a food source - pet food, garbage, barbecue grills and bird feeders - and make a successful meal. If they succeed in finding food without getting frightened away, they may return and acquire a taste for the food source, losing fear every time.

"Bears who lose their fear of people are called “nuisance bears.” These are most often subadult males—young bears who have just dispersed from their mothers and are still learning how to obtain food—and mothers with young cubs." the Humane Society says.

People are advised to secure trash cans, recycle wisely, keep yards clean and rethink the placement of bird feeders. More tips can be found on their website.

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