Arlington Gun Store Owner Suing Elected Officials, Opposing Residents

The owner of an Arlington gun store is suing 64 people, including elected officials, and claiming they conspired to destroy the business, harassed the owner and landlord and mailed death threats to a teenage employee.

Nova Armory opened last month, despite objections from many in the community. The store owner says he had to spend time and money just to "survive the crisis.”

Dan Hawes, a lawyer representing the story, said elected officials wrote a letter to Nova Armory’s landlord on official letterhead, urging the landlord to reconsider the lease. Hawes characterizes this as an abuse of power as they used their official letterhead and this is not a part of their official duties.

The lawsuit asks for $2.1 million in lost revenue and damages. Those named in the lawsuit include residents who spoke out against the gun store.

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