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Police: Woman Runs Up $40K on Father's Credit Card

Spotsylvania Woman Charged with Fraud and Abuse of Parent



    Police: Woman Runs Up $40K on Father's Credit Card
    Spotsylvania Sheriff
    Boxes piled up in the home of a woman who ran up $40,000 in purchases on her father's credit card without permission.

    The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office says it has arrested a 47-year-old woman for running up $40,000 in purchases on her father’s credit card.

    The Sheriff’s Office says an online auction company contacted them after they were unable to get a signature for deliveries and saw many unopened packages outside the house.

    Police say when a deputy first responded to the call on Monday, Kimberly Bell answered the door and said her father was unable to see visitors at that time.  

    The deputy then returned with a detective and this time was able to speak to the father.  The deputy and detective asked the father, who the Sheriff’s describes as “elderly,” if he had given his daughter permission to use the card.  The Sheriff’s Office says the father stated that he had, but only for up to $1,000.  Deputies then told the father that his card had around $40,000 in recent charges.

    "Oh dear," the man responded, according to the Sheriff's Office.

    After being granted permission to search the home by the father, the deputy and detective found packages piled up throughout the house, including the master bedroom where there was only enough room for the father to lie down, said the Sheriff’s Office.  

    Kimberley Bell was then taken into custody and charged with fraud and abuse of her elderly parent.  The Sheriff’s Office says a protective order is now in effect preventing Kimberly Bell from any future contact with her father or the home.