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West Virginia Animal Hoarder Busted



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    More than five dozen animals were discovered Wednesday inside a Petersburg, W.Va., home.

    The Washington Animal Rescue League said almost 60 dogs and eight cats were soaked in feces, urine and mud.

    Investigators believe they never left their home.

    “They’ve never even been able to be dogs,” said WARL CEO Gary Weitzman. “The tragedy is that hoarding situations are often like puppy mills without the profit.

    “These animals just had a really bad time and now we’ve got them here and we’re going to get them rehabilitated and into homes which they really deserve,” he said.

    Despite the deplorable conditions, the dogs, which are Chihuahua, Pekingese and Pomeranian mixes, were not in awful shape. Neither were the cats.

    Six were removed from the home along with 17 dogs. The owner gave them up to avoid animal cruelty and neglect charges.

    Some of them should be available for adoption as soon as next weekend.

    This is the second group of animals the WARL has rescued from a hoarding situation this year.