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Valuable Debris Stolen From Laurel Mall Demolition Site



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    Police are investigating an unusual theft at a Maryland shopping center site before it’s even open.

    Once the heart of its corner of Prince George’s County, like many American malls, Laurel Mall fell into disrepair. Now it’s quickly being demolished, and all of the debris will be recycled as the city prepares to build a new town center at the location.

    Neighbor Mike McLaughlin has been taking pictures pretty much every day, but since they normally don’t work Sunday, he missed a major development.

    Thieves took dumpsters full of debris, including metals like copper. Laurel police estimate the value at up to $100,000.  Police believe at least three full dumpsters and two large air condition units were stolen.

    “Someone with some knowhow and knowledge came in with the trucks, loaded the dumpster up on the truck and off they went, probably to a scrap metal processing plant,” Laurel City spokesman Pete Piringer said.