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Historic Storm Pounds East Coast

Up to 11 Deaths in Maryland Could Be Attributed to Sandy

2 in Richmond died in storm-related accident



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    An emergency worker clears away debris in Temple Hills, Md.

    As many as 11 deaths in Maryland could have been caused by superstorm Sandy, as well as two in Virginia, say the states' emergency management agencies.

    However, the medical examiner will make the final determinations in each of those cases, which could take several days.

    Two people died in a Richmond car accident during the storm, said a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. More information was not immediately available.

    In Maryland, five deaths were attributed to exposure, said the state's Emergency Management Agency said a statement Thursday.

    Some those people could have been suffering from dementia, an agency spokeperson told NBC Washington. Several of them wandered during the storm and were later found dead, he said, but the final rulings will be determined via autopsy.

    "As is the procedure with accidental deaths, the medical examiner will review all available information from forensic investigators, police and other reports and autopsy data to reach a final confirmation of a storm-related death," the agency said in the release.

    One person died of an apparent heart attack while shoveling snow in Garrett County, which saw heavy snowfall during Sandy.

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    A woman from Clarksburg, Md. died in a car crash Monday in Montgomery County that was attributed to the storm.

    Late Monday night, a Pasadena, Md., man died when a 80-foot tree crashed through his house Monday night, WBAL-TV reported.

    And, the spokesperson said, someone suffered a fatal fall after losing power in his or her home and trying to walk to a friend's house. The streets were dark and the person fell down stairs outside of a home, resulting in a fatal head injury.

    The deaths occurred Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the bulk of them -- seven -- on Tuesday.

    Other deaths could be added to the list if more information becomes available, the agency said.