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The Night Note: 09/04/2009

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    New Shoulder Replacement Procedure Gives the Gift of Movement

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    Police Step Up Patrols for the Holday Weekend

    Police are beefing up patrols by land and by sea this weekend, as many people prepare to take to the road or hit the water for the unofficial end of the vacation season County police will have extra patrols on the roads looking for aggressive or impaired drivers, said Justin Mulcahy, a spokesman for the department. Police expect heavier-than-usual local traffic this weekend, and want to ensure everyone "gets to and from their destinations safely," Mulcahy said. (Hometown Annapolis)

    D.C. Makes List of Photo Ticket Havens
    Will you be getting your picture taken by a red light or speed camera over this holiday weekend? One motorist group says in the D.C. area, it's getting pretty difficult to avoid getting a ticket. The National Motorists Association says D.C. is overrun with ticket cameras.  The group, which aims to protect the interests of drivers, has put a list together of places to avoid if you don't want to get a ticket.  (WTOP)
    Fatal Horse Disease May be Spreading

    Northern Virginia's first-ever confirmed case of a rare mosquito-borne disease that is fatal to most horses is spreading concern among health officials who worry that the virus is somehow moving beyond its normal stomping grounds. Eastern equine encephalitis, a non-contagious virus that is spread by mosquitoes, not unlike West Nile Virus, was diagnosed last month in a 28-year-old female pony from Middleburg in eastern Loudoun County's vaunted horse country. (Washington Post)

    Va. Theme Parks Hiring for Halloween Season

    Virginia’s two theme parks will be hiring about 650 part-time workers for this fall’s Halloween attractions. Kings Dominion will hold a job fair Saturday at the amusement park in Doswell to hire more than 400 part-time employees. Busch Gardens near Williamsburg has openings for 250 workers. The parks say for a three-day weekend’s work, employees can earn as much as $240 at Kings Dominion and $200 at Busch Gardens.  (

    DC Cooler Than NYC?

    When financial markets on Wall Street melted down last fall, the federal government stepped in with billions of bailout dollars, and the tables began to turn. So did the zeitgeist. In short, the Big Apple has been hurt in this economy while Washington has galloped to the rescue. The result: Washington is suddenly cool. Or, at least, cooler.  (Washington Times)