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The Earthquake in Your Own Words



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    Check out how your friends and neighbors described Friday morning's 3.6-magnitude earthquake. The following descriptions were sent via e-mail to

    "We live in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., ... This A.M. came a rumble like a huge truck was coming through. The whole house shook. I heard trees crack. ... Quite an eye opener since I thought we were immune to that sort of phenom."

    "We live in Germantown, MD and heard what sounded like severe thunder followed immediately by shaking of the house/walls. It probably only lasted about a minute, but it felt like longer. At one point I was wondering if a Mack Truck ran into the back of our house!"

    "This AM in Knoxville MD I felt the 3.6 Earthquake. I am between 2 mountains along rt.67 about 11.6 miles south of Boonsboro. I had just woke and I heard a rumble and thought something had struck my house. I rushed outside with my flashlight as it was just prior to daylight looking for what I thought could have been a meteor striking my home. I have a split rock home and the whole house shook. I am 63 miles from DC."

    Earthquake 2010

    [DC] Earthquake 2010
    News4's Pat Collins spoke with the "brave" survivors in the epicenter of the D.C.-area earthquake.
    (Published Friday, July 16, 2010)

    "I live in the 4800 block of South Dakota Avenue NE and now realize that I think I definitely felt the earthquake. I thought it was a large truck at first and remember thinking, "Oh my, it's going to shake the house apart". It lasted much longer than the usual large truck passing and lasted about 3 seconds which may me wonder what it was."

    "I live off Shakespeare Blvd in Germantown and felt the quake at approx 5.05am. it was what woke me up, and I jumped out of bed. A few CDs sitting on my table fell on the ground and my windows were trembling. Quite scary!"

    "I live in Bowie MD and this morning a little after 5 I believe it was, I heard a noise like big squirrels running over the roof. The next thing the lamp and cups on the night stand rattled and it lasted for about 10 seconds. My wife is out of town so I was worried about how I was going to tell her that we have poltergeists and we have to get an exorcist in. What a relief to find out on NBC 4 that it was only an earthquake!"

    Rattled Residents Keep 911 Center Busy

    [DC] Rattled Residents Keep 911 Center Busy
    The 911 emergency center in Prince George's County rushed to handle three times the normal volume of calls Friday from residents rattled by the earthquake wake-up.
    (Published Friday, July 16, 2010)

    "I'm from Capitol Heights, MD, and I felt the tremors here! I heard this droning sound as my bed started shaking. After the shaking stopped my walls creaked loudly and then it was over."

    "I live in Clifton, VA and felt the earthquake this morning. The whole house shook and there was a sound...My two labs slept right through it..."

    "I heard a sustained rumbling, like the sound of thunder or a low-flying helicopter at the time of the earthquake. I did not feel it at our home, but I distinctly heard it. It was loud enough to wake me from the half-sleep right before my alarm went off."

    "I felt and heard a low rumble like a wave going through myself and the house. It was like a heavy, heavy truck or low-flying helicopter going by. It lasted maybe 5 seconds. I checked the house and then turned on News 4 to see if anyone else had experienced this. Thanks again for being on top of this."

    "I felt the earthquake this am. Jolt woke me from my sleep on the couch. I thought I was hearing roar of an airplane flying over house taking off or landing at Dulles Airport. But house continued to shake for a few moments. Immediately turned on channel 4 news and within minutes heard about the earthquake."