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Take the Green Line to the Curly “W”

Nationals asking for trademark symbol to be added to Metro signs



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    It’s becoming the identifying mark of the Washington Nationals. It’s become basically the only logo on their jerseys and every Redskin seems to sport the curly "W" on an article of clothing in the locker room.

    And now, according to the blog JDLand, the Nats want to add the cursive consonant to Metro station signs and maps.

    The blog reports that Nationals Vice President Gregory McCarthy attended Monday night’s ANC 6D meeting to seek approval to actually have the Navy Yard Metro Station’s name changed to include the curly "W."

    McCarthy apparently told the commission that focus groups have shown fans strongly identify with the single-letter logo and that they want the familiar symbol to direct fans that take Metro just like the "W" directs drivers to the stadium.

    But isn't the curly "W" just free advertising for the Natinals, err, Nationals?

    JDLand reports that an audience member raised the question, and McCarthy argued that the "W" is simply an abbreviation for the stadium, which is, he reminded the audience, owned by the city.

    A seventh-inning stretch, perhaps?

    Ultimately, the ANC drafted a resolution calling for support of the Nationals request as long as Navy Yard remained the station's primary name, according to JDLand. They also specified in the resolution that the Nationals would like the “W” to be red. (As if there was any question.)

    The resolution will now go a committee, and then to board members, and then, if all goes as planned, a recommendation will be sent to the mayor, who then requests WMATA make a change.

    So there are still some hoops to go through before the Nats make a permanent mark on the transit system. But soon you could be meeting up at the Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront/"W" station.

    We’ll see how long it takes before it becomes known simply as "the W."