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Police: Gang Initiation Attack Attempted in Arlington Park



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    Quincy Park


    A 19-year-old Arlington man lied about the attack, police said Wednesday. Julian Leiter has been charged for filing a false police report, police said.


    A teenager in Northern Virginia says he escaped an assault after another teen tried to stab him -- and told the victim the attack was a gang initiation.

    The teen boy was cutting through Quincy Park about 8:40 p.m. Thursday in Arlington, Virginia. The park is located between Arlington's Central Library and Washington-Lee High School, and a quick walk from the Virginia Square Metro station.

    The victim was in the park when the attacker approached with a knife, police said.

    "He brandished a weapon and told the victim he needed to do this as part of a gang initiation," Arlington police spokeswoman Ashley Savage said.

    The victim was able to fight back and started to run, and then three other teens in the park began chasing him. He called the police when he got home and was not hurt, police said.

    Police describe the attacker as a slim, white male teen about 5-foot-10. He may have an injury on his head, where the victim hit him. 

    The three other teens with him were wearing gray hooded sweatshirts, police said.

    Police continue to search for the attackers.

    "What we really want to stress, especially at night, is do not cut through any areas that are dark or not well lit. For your own safety, stick to public areas that are well-traveled," Savage said.