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Spring Tune Up for Metro

Metro Forward is working on a number of projects this year to make your commute a more enjoyable one



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    After a temporary suspension of track work for the Cherry Blossom Festival season, Metro’s massive rebuilding effort, Metro Forward, will resume midday track work on Monday, April 16.

    Weekend tack work will continue on April 20.

    “We have made considerable progress on improving the safety and reliability of Metrorail, but we have much more to do,” said Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles. “I know that there are times when this work inconveniences our customers, and we appreciate their continued understanding as we rebuild.”

    Metro riders will be able to take a bus Metro will provide to replace the train on portions of the rail line where rebuilding is taking place.

    Metro Forward will work on a number of projects this year including:

    • The Red Line over eight weekends this summer, including four consecutive weekends from late July to mid-August.
    •  Metro will perform its annual inspection of the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac River over Labor Day weekend. 
    • The Red Line will be shut down between Dupont Circle and New York Avenue during the weekend of September 7-9.
    • The eastern leg of the Blue Line will be replaced with shuttle buses during the weekend of October 5-8.

    Metro also announced it would install new “Guarded #8” switches. These switches are a key National Transportation Safety Board safety recommendation and will be completed next m

    “Metro Forward is the largest capital program in Metro’s history, and the biggest single undertaking since the construction of the system itself,” said Rob Troup, Metro’s Assistant General Manager of Transit Infrastructure and Engineering Services.

    Metro is encouraging community organizations and local businesses to consult the track work calendar when planning special events.