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Drug-Sniffing K9s - Home Edition



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    A new service in Maryland is putting the saying “a nose knows" to good use. 

    Parents can rent a drug-sniffing dog to detect even the smallest whiff of narcotics in their home.
    The non-profit called "Dogs Finding Drugs" allows ordinary moms and dads to access a search tool typically reserved for police.
    “It’s hard to fool the dogs,” said founder Anne Wills. “They’re talented.
    "They’ve got an awesome nose and they can scent discriminate which we can’t which means they can tell the difference odors so you can’t hide stuff from them,” she added.
    If drugs are discovered, police aren't notified unless the parents decide to call on their own. The organization encourages moms and dads to take action on their own and show their kids they don’t tolerate drugs.
    The dogs are all certified K9s meaning they can sniff out marijuana, heroine, cocaine, methamphetamines, as well as prescription drugs with trace amounts of narcotics. They can even uncover guns and explosives.
    Renting a dog will run you about $200, though the price varies depending on the scale of the search.