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2015 Papal Visit

2015 Papal Visit

Pope Francis' First U.S. Visit, Sept. 22-27

Secret Service Director Discusses Pope Visit Security



    U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy spoke with News4's Mark Segraves about preparations for Pope Francis' visit next week. (Published Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015)

    As Washington prepares for the arrival of Pope Francis next week, the U.S. Secret Service is completing months of work to ensure the security of the pontiff and the crowds.

    The Secret Service has prepared for Pope Francis' arrival for more than nine months, including in Vatican City, U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy told News4.

    "They allowed us to walk behind the popemobile as it traveled through Vatican Square so we could get an idea of -- how do people react to the pope? How does the pope react to the people in the audience? How does the Vatican security react?" he said.

    Pope Francis told the Secret Service he wants to engage with as many people as possible, Clancy said.

    "It is unique, but it's not unlike other visits that presidents or vice presidents do," he said. "We just adapt, and will have a very secure site."

    The Secret Service is prepared for all scenarios, the director said.

    "Obviously the lone wolf is a concern, as well as any group attack or an IED," Clancy said. "We always have an eye on any threats that may or may not be out there."

    The FBI is tracking any possible threats.