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Prosecutors Seek Life Term for Ex-CIA Man on Spy Conviction



    Prosecutors Play Interrogation Video in Espionage Case

    A former CIA officer accused of espionage for China was back in court Friday. David Culver reports. (Published Friday, June 1, 2018)

    Prosecutors and defense attorneys will be asking for vastly different prison terms as a former CIA officer is formally sentenced for spying for China.

    A jury convicted Kevin Mallory of Leesburg last year under the Espionage Act for providing top secret information to Chinese handlers in exchange for $25,000.

    He was arrested in 2017 after he was discovered with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash on a return flight from Shanghai.

    Still, prosecutors and defense attorneys differ markedly in the severity of Mallory's misconduct.

    Defense attorneys argue that Mallory provided information that was practically worthless at a time when he was financially desperate. They seek a term no longer than 10 years at Thursday's sentencing hearing.

    Prosecutors say Mallory intentionally put human assets at risk. They've asked for a life sentence.

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