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Priest's Prank Lands Him in the Slammer

Cops didn't find priest's joke funny



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    Norwalk Minister faces domestic violence charges in Conn.

    A Maryland priest's prank with starter pistol lands him in a Connecticut court.

    The Rev. Daniel Lynch pleaded guilty Friday to disturbing the peace and was fined $90.

    Lynch was tackled by Bridgeport police in September after they surrounded the house where he was visiting, then rushed inside. Neighbors had reported that one man there was firing a handgun at another.

    It turned out the gun was only a starter pistol, which the 62-year-old Lynch had fired at a longtime friend as a joke.

    Lynch's lawyer, Robert Photos, said the friends were laughing about the prank when police burst in and took down Lynch as he yelled, "It's not a real gun!"

    Photos said Lynch, of Takoma Park, Md., was "sorry he created any inconvenience."