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"Pepe Le Pew" Leaves Couple Homeless

A skunk's spray was unwelcome smell



    "Pepe Le Pew" Leaves Couple Homeless
    A skunk leaves a Frederick couple homeless.

    A Frederick couple wants to “give up the funk” but not in a George Clinton type of way.

    A skunk left its mark on Allen and Leslie Scott’s Frederick, Md., house early Monday morning, and now they’ve been homeless ever since.

    The dreadful odor emerged at 2:30 in the morning. A skunk sprayed in the crawl space under the Scotts’ log cabin home. Furniture, food and appliances may now all have to be replaced to get rid of the repulsive smell.

    Apparently Pepe Le Pew’s love was too much for the Scotts.

    “We had a horrible, horrible time. Everything smells -- our clothes, our food and our linens,” Leslie Scott told the FrederickNewsPost.com.  Her husband added, “It’s almost hard to describe. It’s like rotten flesh.”

    Now the Scotts are living in Allen’s sister’s basement, and it may be weeks before they can move back into their home, according to the News-Post. They couldn’t even pack an overnight bag; the toiletries had the awful scent, too.

    And for clothes, three washes per load with lots of baking soda.

    The Scotts’ pets are stranded too. The dogs are with the couple, but the cats are in heated sheds at the "‘abandoned" house.

    “I feel like we’ve lost everything,” Leslie Scott told the News-Post. And their homeowners' insurance will not replace their ruined belongings.

    But the Scotts are in still in "good hands."  The News-Post said Allstate offered to clean their carpet and have the house fogged. That cost the couple a $500 deductible.

    This is the Scotts’ first encounter with Pepe, and will hopefully be the last now that they realize they really didn’t want the funk of a skunk.