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Military Brides "Shop" for Free Wedding Gowns in Manassas

Organization has donated over 12,000 gowns nationwide



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    Many Manassas military brides won't have to worry about paying for their wedding gowns thanks to Operation Wedding Gown

    Some military brides in Virginia won't have to stress about saying "yes to the dress," thanks to Brides Across America's program Operation Wedding Gown.

    The program provides free wedding dresses for veterans and military fiancees.

    Brides-to-be "shopped" for free dresses at Jeanette's Bride 'N Boutique in Manassas on Wednesday.

    In order to qualify, brides or their fiances had to be serving in the military, either deployed or awaiting deployment, or have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, elsewhere in the Middle East, Korea or Japan in the last five years.

    Operation Wedding Gown first made headlines in 2012 when it was featured on NBC's "Making a Difference" with Brian Williams. Since then, it has continued to help give brides their dream weddings, despite deployment, injury or economic hardship.

    "A wedding is something everyone loves, and to give a wedding gown to support our troops makes perfect sense," said Brides Across America Founder Heidi Janson. "This is our gift to them, to say thank you for their service and sacrifice."