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Mystery Couple Revealed! But Not Really

Couple had gotten engaged two weeks before photos were snapped



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    Angila Golik

    A "mystery couple" who was photographed at the D.C. War Memorial, while presumably getting engaged, has come forward.

    Sort of.

    Retaining that air of mystery, the nameless couple released a statement through a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, thanking the photog for snapping the pics -- and clearing up the perception that nearly everyone held: that the man in uniform was proposing.

    You know that "rehearsing for a play" excuse used when there's a misconception in pretty much every sitcom ever? That's sort of what we're dealing with here.

    The couple's statement reads in part:

    "The Air Force member was not proposing to his fiancé... at least not for the first time, as they had become engaged two weeks prior to these photos. Instead, they were walking around several memorials to determine if one of them would make a good location for their wedding ceremony. The photographer happened to catch the couple acting as if they were reciting their vows in the middle of the memorial, and re-living their sweet moment from two weeks prior."

     The photographer, Angila Golik, told the Today show blog that the couple was in the rotunda of the fenced off War Memorial when she took a couple of photos from about 100 yards away. "I'd like to give them their photos," she said at the time.

    Golik had written on her Facebook page

    "For all the hopeless romantics out there.... Here's a cool one for ya. As we had just finished our visit of the MLK, Jr. memorial, we were walking towards the Washington Monument when at the War Memorial we see two people standing in the middle....the man pulls out a ring and proposes to the lady.... then grabs her face and kisses her. He is dressed in Air Force Uniform. She said yes. I snapped a couple pictures from a distace.... Whatever the reason, it was such a great moment to witness! A highlight of my trip."

    The couple has asked for privacy and declined to give their names.