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McLean Singer Remy Munasifi Parodies Protesters



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    Andrew Knight

    The Weird Al of YouTube is at it again, poking fun at the protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street.

    Remy Munasifi's new folksy-sounding protest parody posted on Sunday is already becoming an internet hit.

    From Remy's Occupy Wall Street Protest Song:

    "Come gather around people, come on everyone

    and I'll tell you a tale of a fortunate son

    He's born in a country and given vaccine

    and rendered immune to all kinds of disease

    the Kardashians are on all his TVs

    It's not perfect.

    See banks don't need bailouts on that we agree

    So let's start up a group and take to the streets

    Because if we do so well you know what that means

    We're racist."

    The McLean native's song has already has more than 14,000 hits since being uploaded yesterday.

    Remy is no stranger to the web.  His past parodies on the Debt Ceiling and his Arlington Rap have been huge hits on YouTube, even landing him at the top of the iTunes Charts.

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