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Maryland Senator Stands by His Man

State Senator Won't Fire Aide for Gay Slur



    Maryland Senator Stands by His Man
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    Marland State senator won't fire his campaign aide for making a gayslur on Facebook in 2005.

    State Senator Donald Munson said he won't fire his campaign manager who referred to  homosexuality as a "subhuman" act.

    That's what Ryan Miner posted in 2005 on Facebook, and it's come back to haunt him.

    Munson, a republican from western Maryland, told the (Hagerstown) Herald-Mail that these comments constitute a "youthful indiscretion."  He said the language is regrettable and doesn't reflect his own views.

    Let's see how many other "youthful indescretions" come to mind: There's Bill Clinton who didn't inhale, George W. Bush's drunken driving conviction and, lately, John Edwards's love child. Oh wait, he never claimed that as a "youthful indiscretion."  Just part of a pattern of age-defying indiscretions.

    But back to Munson aide Ryan Minor. The 24-year-old said his views have evolved since the unfortunate Facebook post while he was a sophomore at Duquesne University.  He said he is in no position to judge whether homosexuality is a subhuman act.

    State Senator Munson is keeping Minor on as his campaign manager in the primary challenge from Republican Delegate Christopher Shank.  Shank said he's more conservative than the five-term incumbent.