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Local Leads: 5/4/11

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    Local Leads: 5/4/11
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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Baltimore Sun: "About 3.3 tons of dead and decaying striped bass were recovered by Natural Resources Police Tuesday from an illegal net submerged in the waters off Tilghman Island. It was the second largest seizure of poached fish this year. The net, the 10th seized since Feb. 1, was found on Sunday by a recreational fisherman whose lines became fouled in the tangle of mesh and fish. Police believe it had been in the water since the beginning of the year. It took an 80-foot work boat with a crane several hours to gather up the nearly mile-long net and the ensnared fish, which averaged 15 pounds. So far, NRP has seized almost 16 tons of illegally caught striped bass, Maryland's state fish also known as rockfish."


    Gazette: "A rapid bus system in Montgomery County would draw more commuters to transit and off local roads, eliminating some traffic congestion, according to a feasibility study of such a system. The study, a portion of which was released Tuesday, revealed the so-called Bus Rapid Transit system, would increase transit ridership from 9 percent to 11 percent — pulling 85,000 drivers off the roads. The news is encouraging for supporters of the transit line, who say Bus Rapid Transit is a good solution to many of the county's traffic woes."

    Fairfax Times: "Are U.S. military, local law enforcement officers and CIA officials after your teen? If they do well in school and aren't quite sure what their plans are after graduating high school, chances are the answer is yes. On Tuesday, members of several local, federal and military agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and CIA, were given access to hundreds of teens at Marshall High School in an effort to recruit them through a career fair. "This was our first Criminal Justice Public Safety Career Fair," said Shelli M. Carpenter, a career experience specialist with Marshall High School's Marshall Academy. "We are building a pipeline for students to gain access to real-world opportunities." 

    Frederick News Post: "The ring in the Target parking lot glinted up at Sadie Sidotti with a gem so huge she and her husband assumed they'd spotted a child's dress-up jewelry. "It looked good," Sadie Sidotti said. "It looked too good," added her husband, Joe. Believing the April 28 find had little value, Sadie Sidotti considered throwing away the ring, but instead slipped it onto her pinkie finger and decided to double-check its worth with an expert."