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Local Leads: Tiger Woods Center, Tea Party Plates?

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    Local Leads:  Tiger Woods Center, Tea Party Plates?
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    When Tiger Woods entered the cafeteria at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School's Capitol Hill campus on Friday, there was the same kind of buzz that greets him at golf tournaments. The assembled group of ninth-graders - kids who might well benefit from the Tiger Woods Learning Center he christened at the school - oohed and aahed, gawked and gazed, some yelling "Tiger Woods!"
    Through all his personal and professional travails of the last year, Woods remains one of the world's most recognizable figures - athletic or otherwise. On Friday, the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Chavez Schools celebrated the opening of two learning centers in the District.

    If you’re planning on driving near near the Air Force Memorial Monday night, watch out. Rumor has it that some Decepticons may be prowling the area, cooking up an evil plot to attack the National Mall.  The Michael Bay-directed sequel Transformers 3 has filed an application to film in Arlington on Monday, and we’re told the filming will likely take place at or near the Air Force Memorial.
    Pete Lindquist, managing director of the Air Force Memorial, says that there are “a lot of moving parts,” but the current plan is for crews to start setting up in the morning and start filming at night.  “The actual filming will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.,” Lindquist said. He said visitors will still be able to visit the memorial on Monday, but “there may be some interruptions” during filming.  Part of the filming may involve vehicles driving up and down Columbia Pike, which may result in temporary road closures. The Arlington County Police Department will be assisting with traffic control.


    Have you been anxiously waiting for the day a Virginia Tea Party-themed license plate would be available?  Your dream may soon be realized.    At the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention, dressed in her pink “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt, Carol Stopps shows off the license plate she recently designed that carries the same message as her shirt.    The yellow plate bears a coiled snake logo atop the bold “Don’t Tread on Me” text.   Stopps, who heads the Richmond’s 9-12 project, a political group launched by Glenn Beck, said Del. John O’Bannon, R-Henrico, has agreed to sponsor legislation that could make the plates official at next year’s General Assembly session if approved.    “After it’s passed, we have 30 days to sell 350 of them and collect the money. Then they manufacture it and it becomes a plate that’s available,” Stopps said.

    George Ruszat hopes to see Frederick full of bicycle paths and roads that let pedalers at all levels enjoy themselves safely as much as he does.  To that end, he has become a member of Mayor Randy McClement's newly formed Ad Hoc Bicycle Committee, the mission of which is to help the city become Maryland's first designated Bicycle Friendly Community.   Maryland ranks 35th on the national list of bicycle friendliness, Ruszat said. "We've got a long way to go."  He has put 3,300 miles on his bicycle this year -- 2,200 on his car, not counting automobile trips to bicycle events, he said. He is retired and does not have to commute to work, but he rides almost everywhere in the city, runs errands on his bicycle if possible and takes it to events out of state.