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Leesburg Gets Scrooged

No Christmas displays at the courthouse



    Leesburg Gets Scrooged
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    Looks like the traditional Loudoun County Courthouse Christmas displays will be absent this year.

    For almost 50 years the Rotary Club of Leesburg has placed a Christmas tree on the courthouse grounds, Leesburg Today reported. For 20 years, Dennis and Debbie Welch has set up the courthouse nativity scene.

    But a new policy from the Facilities and Grounds Committee of the Loudoun County Courthouse prohibits any displays, according to Leesburg Today.

    Phil Rusciolelli has spearheaded the Rotary Club's Christmas tree initiative the past five years.

    "I do not understand the rationale for this decision but I do know it flies a face of any holiday or Christmas spirit," Rusciolelli said. "We are a traditional county and town founded on the freedoms that include freedom of religion."

    The Facilities and Grounds Committee said it's just following the county government's policy against displays on county grounds.

    The Rotary Club hopes the committee reconsiders, but for now, it's looking a lot less like Christmas.