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Growing Your Online Following

Social media strategist Peter Corbett shares his tips



    Social Media Expert Peter Corbett joined Angie Goff on News4 Today to discuss Social Media Week DC (Published Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012)

    Lead social media strategist Peter Corbett joined Angie Goff in studio to talk about the upcoming Social Media Week DC. Social Media Week is February 13- 17th. Tap into DC's brightest tech minds at the schedule of events.

    Peter also shared some hot tips for growing your facebook fans, twitter followers and presence online. You can follow Peter on twitter at @Corbett3000


    1. Be everywhere. You need to be very prolific with you social media creation and sharing in order to grow your brand and stay relevant. You have do be engaged in social media 24/7. Just stop sleeping and you'll be fine.

    2. Don't be afraid. Tweet a lot. Research shows the more you tweet the more engaged your audience will be. Just make sure it's relevant.

    3. Use relevant hashtags (aka the # sign). This makes your tweets most likely to be discovered in searches. Helps you build community over a certain topic or issue.

    4. Find people who are like you and what you do, look at their followers and follow them. There's a chance some will follow you back.

    5. Check out to find experts and people on twitter who specialize in your field or interested topic.

    1. Be an expert. Know what you're talking about. You have to be an expert in the topic you're trying to own in social media for anyone to care enough about you to like/follow what you're doing. Dive deep and share great content on that subject.

    2. Post pictures... they are more likely to be shared or commented on

    3. Be ridiculously interesting. Nothing drives more engagement in social media that providing your community with content that fascinating to consume, participate with and share.

    4. Use promotion, free stuff. Sweepstakes usually get strong response.

    Other tips from Peter:
    1. Get offline: Get in front of big crowds. The best way to drive brand awareness and engagement with your social profiles can sometimes be in real life situations like on stage when delivering a speech. Make sure people know right up front where to find you on the social web.

    2. Harmonize your social properties. There are easy ways to make sure that with a simple Facebook Page post, you'll also automatically update Facebook and Linkedin. You job is to maximize your reach while minimizing duplicated effort. Make sure you know your audience. Don't have every tweet show up on Facebook.