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Army Doc Still Questioning Obama's Birthplace

Lakin questions whether president was born in U.S.



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    An Army doctor is refusing to give up on his suspicions that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

    A Maryland military judge refused Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin's request for access to the president’s school and college records.

    Lakin is being court-martialed for five felony charges of allegedly disobeying a deployment order because he isn’t sure Obama is a naturalized citizen. He called the deployment orders “illegal” in a video posted on YouTube.

    Lakin also requested a subpoena to depose the custodian of the president’s birth records with the state of Hawaii.

    The judge ruled Thursday that those records and any other evidence or witnesses pertaining to Obama's birth are not relevant to the case and will not be admitted. Prosecutors have argued that Obama's birth certificate shouldn't be part of the case, especially since the order for Lakin to deploy to Afghanistan didn't come directly from the president.

    Lakin's lawyer has argued that if Obama isn't a natural-born citizen, any military order given under his administration is unlawful.