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How Much Rain Did Your Neighborhood Get?



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    Some areas got a month's worth of rain in 24 hours.

    Parts of our area saw a deluge in the last 24 hours -- in fact, they saw as much rain overnight and early Friday as they usually see in a month.

    The heavy rain led to street flooding Friday morning, and is still a concern, as the extra water is still causing rivers in our area to rise.

    So how much rain did your community get? Depends on where you are. Some areas definitely got more than others. (We're looking at you, West Virginia.)

    Below is the rainfall table from the National Weather Service. Click these links to jump directly to your state:

    Jump to D.C., Maryland,Virginia,West Virginia.

    LocationRainfall (inches)Time Measured
    District Of Columbia  
    E Washington2.569:20 a.m.
    Dalecarlia Reservoir2.98:00 a.m.
    NW Washington2.828:00 a.m.
    National Arboretum2.338:00 a.m.


    Mount Savage26:24 a.m.
    Frostburg1.927:00 a.m.
    S Cumberland1.637:00 a.m.
    Cumberland1.637:31 a.m.
    SSE Cresaptown-Bel1.557:00 a.m.
    N Baltimore-Washington Intl.1.7112 p.m.
    SSW South Gate1.7310:00 a.m.
    W Carroll1.5411:30 a.m.
    NW Reisterstown1.448 a.m.
    N Cockeysville2.2310:00 a.m.
    SW Towson1.968:00 a.m.
    WNW Baldwin1.68:00 a.m.
    NE Reisterstown1.317:00 a.m.
    SW Long Green1.037:00 a.m.
    Solomons1.899:13 a.m.
    NNE Uniontown1.9110:30 a.m.
    SE Mount Airy2.817:00 a.m.
    NNW Sykesville2.288:00 a.m.
    NE Taneytown2.017:00 a.m.
    NE Taneytown1.787:00 a.m.
    NNW Reese1.768:00 a.m.
    W Westminster1.365:00 a.m.
    NW Sykesville1.055:30 a.m.
    ESE Bryans Road3.339:30 a.m.
    ESE Bryans Road2.517:00 a.m.
    S Waldorf1.658:00 a.m.
    SSE Waldorf1.257:00 a.m.
    E Myersville4.657:50 a.m.
    Green Valley3.97 a.m.
    SW Green Valley3.97 a.m.
    NW New Market1.72:15 a.m.
    SSW Frederick3.967:00 a.m.
    NNW New Market3.499:00 a.m.
    SSE Thurmont3.367:00 a.m.
    SE Emmitsburg3.337:15 a.m.
    E Walkersville2.957:00 a.m.
    NW New Market2.455:00 a.m.
    E Scarboro1.310:21 a.m.
    SSE Forest Hill1.098:00 a.m.
    NNE Kingsville19:00 a.m.
    N Columbia2.49:30 a.m.
    Ellicott City2.0310:30 a.m.
    NW Columbia2.728:46 a.m.
    SE Clarksville2.388:00 a.m.
    NW Columbia2.067:30 a.m.
    SW Marriottsville2.019:30 a.m.
    E West Friendship1.998:00 a.m.
    SSW Ellicott City1.888:00 a.m.
    SW Elkridge1.728:00 a.m.
    SE Marriottsville1.728:00 a.m.
    E Columbia1.667:00 a.m.
    SSE Sykesville1.67:00 a.m.
    NNE Savage1.528:00 a.m.
    N Columbia1.517:00 a.m.
    W Elkridge1.357:00 a.m.
    ESE North Laurel1.236:40 a.m.
    SSE Ellicott City1.227:00 a.m.
    WSW Potomac4.48 a.m.
    NNE Washington Grove4.27:42 a.m.
    NNW Dalecarlia Res3.419:30 a.m.
    ENE Gaithersburg3.177:00 a.m.
    ESE Glen Echo3.0510:00 a.m.
    WNW Boyds3.776:55 a.m.
    SE Poolesville3.78:00 a.m.
    5 NNW Silver Spring3.667:30 a.m.
    WNW Bethesda3.387:00 a.m.
    NNE Germantown3.326:00 a.m.
    NE Gaithersburg3.247:00 a.m.
    W Colesville2.927:00 a.m.
    N Silver Spring2.887:00 a.m.
    N Silver Spring2.837:00 a.m.
    ESE Norbeck2.47:00 a.m.
    Brighton Dam2.349:00 a.m.
    NNW Silver Spring2.217:00 a.m.
    NNW Takoma Park2.127:00 a.m.
    ESE Rossmoor2.086:35 a.m.
    N Gaithersburg29:00 a.m.
    SSE Silver Spring1.636:00 a.m.
    NW Silver Spring1.095:00 a.m.
    ENE Olney1.044:50 a.m.
    SE Langley Park3.2510:43 a.m.
    SW Oxon Hill2.9310:00 a.m.
    WSW Fort Washington2.447:00 a.m.
    NE College Park2.418:45 a.m.
    ENE Beltsville2.288:00 a.m.
    E Langley Park2.168:00 a.m.
    NE Beltsville2.168:00 a.m.
    NE Beltsville2.088:00 a.m.
    N Mount Rainier2.088:00 a.m.
    NW Greenbelt28:00 a.m.
    E Fairland1.928:00 a.m.
    NW Lanham-Seabrook1.918:00 a.m.
    E Seat Pleasant1.888:00 a.m.
    W Oxon Hill1.857:00 a.m.
    SE Oxon Hill1.857:00 a.m.
    NW Glenn Dale1.648:00 a.m.
    SE Suitland1.617:00 a.m.
    ESE Camp Springs1.517:00 a.m.
    WSW Bowie1.328:00 a.m.
    ENE Kettering1.328:00 a.m.
    NW Upper Marlboro1.288:00 a.m.
    WSW Cavetown4.226:50 a.m.
    SW Fairplay4.087:00 a.m.
    NNE Smithsburg4.127:00 a.m.
    S Sharpsburg3.977:00 a.m.
    ENE Hagerstown3.87:00 a.m.
    Williamsport2.886:00 a.m.


    W Charlottesville4.287:00 a.m.
    W Charlottesville4.168:00 a.m.
    Earlysville3.826:00 a.m.
    NNW Charlottesville3.827:00 a.m.
    ESE Afton3.526:26 a.m.
    NE Keswick3.457:00 a.m.
    S Reagan National2.659:45 a.m.
    E Arlington2.57:10 a.m.
    Fishersville37:00 a.m.
    Waynesboro2.777:00 a.m.
    Staunton2.48:00 a.m.
    E Stuarts Draft2.248:00 a.m.
    W Sangerville2.198:00 a.m.
    WSW Afton Mountain28:00 a.m.
    SSW Craigsville1.998:00 a.m.
    WSW Middlebrook1.958:00 a.m.
    NE West Augusta1.848:00 a.m.
    SW Sherando1.68:00 a.m.
    SW West Augusta1.368:00 a.m.
    SW Sherando1.288:00 a.m.
    W Alexandria2.377:00 a.m.
    NW Rose Hill2.488:00 a.m.
    ENE Lincolnia2.488:00 a.m.
    ESE Lincolnia1.888:00 a.m.
    NNE Charlottesville3.37:00 a.m.
    Fredericksburg2.167:00 a.m.
    SSW Brookfield1.048:00 a.m.
    Harrisonburg2.547:00 a.m.
    Manassas3.37:30 a.m.
    Manassas2.957:00 a.m.
    SE Waynesboro1.728:00 a.m.
    SSE Waynesboro1.448:00 a.m.
    S Winchester3.435:49 a.m.
    W Culpeper3.828:15 a.m.
    N Rixeyville3.955:40 a.m.
    NNE Rixeyville3.786:00 a.m.
    SE Boston3.3310:07 a.m.
    N Rixeyville3.217:30 a.m.
    West Springfield4.28:15 a.m.
    E Chantilly3.917:45 a.m.
    WNW Falls Church3.911:50 a.m.
    SE Chantilly3.889:00 a.m.
    SE Centreville3.597:40 a.m.
    S Vienna2.927:00 a.m.
    SSE Franconia2.8710:00 a.m.
    E Oakton4.169:00 a.m.
    ENE Fairfax Station3.928:00 a.m.
    SSW Herndon3.888:00 a.m.
    SSE Chantilly3.848:00 a.m.
    ENE Fairfax Station3.848:00 a.m.
    W Fairfax3.88:00 a.m.
    SSW Reston3.747:00 a.m.
    W Vienna3.698:00 a.m.
    NNE Reston3.688:00 a.m.
    ENE Reston3.648:00 a.m.
    ESE Fairfax Station3.648:00 a.m.
    S Mclean3.617:00 a.m.
    SSE Ravensworth3.558:00 a.m.
    E Merrifield3.448:00 a.m.
    WNW Burke3.448:00 a.m.
    W Falls Church3.297:00 a.m.
    WNW Wolf Trap3.288:00 a.m.
    N Vienna3.248:00 a.m.
    NNW Lorton3.28:00 a.m.
    Vienna3.157:00 a.m.
    NE Lorton3.16:00 a.m.
    NW Tysons Corner3.048:00 a.m.
    N Burke3.048:00 a.m.
    SSE Burke38:00 a.m.
    S Vienna2.927:00 a.m.
    NNW Tysons Corner2.888:00 a.m.
    E Fairfax2.887:00 a.m.
    SSW Franconia2.888:00 a.m.
    W West Springfield2.848:00 a.m.
    SE McLean2.847:00 a.m.
    ENE Fairfax2.748:00 a.m.
    S Mantua2.78:00 a.m.
    SSE Mclean2.687:00 a.m.
    SE Jefferson Manor2.648:00 a.m.
    SSE Franconia2.67:00 a.m.
    SSW Alexandria2.57:00 a.m.
    NNW Burke1.648:00 a.m.
    SSE Greenwich2.76:30 a.m.
    NNW Woolsey2.39:56 a.m.
    ESE Bealeton2.765:00 a.m.
    ENE Remington2.735:00 a.m.
    SSW Broad Run2.678:00 a.m.
    SSE Warrenton2.497:45 a.m.
    S Warrenton2.356:00 a.m.
    SE Warrenton2.328:00 a.m.
    E Winchester3.258:18 a.m.
    E Stephens City3.947:00 a.m.
    SE Winchester3.857:00 a.m.
    Winchester3.337:30 a.m.
    NE Winchester3.237:00 a.m.
    Middletown3.197:30 a.m.
    NW Winchester2.968:00 a.m.
    WNW Stanardsville4.056:00 a.m.
    SE Lydia4.055:00 a.m.
    SSW Monterey2.597:00 a.m.
    SW Mill Gap2.176:00 a.m.
    ESE Mcdowell1.948:00 a.m.
    WNW Vanderpool1.448:00 a.m.
    King George3.758:40 a.m.
    Jersey3.311:30 a.m.
    NW Sterling Park4.56:20 a.m.
    Purcellville4.255:43 a.m.
    Countryside4.110:30 a.m.
    NW Dulles Int’l3.767:00 a.m.
    NE Leesburg3.419:25 a.m.
    Bluemont3.287:08 a.m.
    ESE Hughesville3.038:15 a.m.
    WNW Leesburg38:40 a.m.
    WNW Middleburg2.947:00 a.m.
    Mount Weather3.257:00 a.m.
    W Leesburg3.038:00 a.m.
    WSW Round Hill2.847:15 a.m.
    NNW Dulles Int’l1.722:04 a.m.
    ESE Madison2.787:45 a.m.
    NNW Madison46:20 a.m.
    S Madison38:00 a.m.
    Haywood2.787:00 a.m.
    NE Burtonville2.038:00 a.m.
    Wintergreen5.197:00 a.m.
    N Nellysford3.96:00 a.m.
    SSW Elma2.758:00 a.m.
    SW Scottsville3.258:00 a.m.
    SSW Wintergreen2.928:00 a.m.
    ENE Lovingston1.848:00 a.m.
    Somerset3.158:00 a.m.
    SSW Orange4.028:00 a.m.
    NW Somerset3.158:00 a.m.
    Stanley3.597:00 a.m.
    Luray2.737:00 a.m.
    ESE Honeyville3.615:30 a.m.
    SE Shenandoah3.278:00 a.m.
    NW Woodbridge3.85:00 a.m.
    SE Manassas3.566:00 a.m.
    SE Gainesville2.37:00 a.m.
    Sperryville3.755:00 a.m.
    W Washington3.737:00 a.m.
    NW Harrisonburg2.57:00 a.m.
    W Clover Hill2.278:00 a.m.
    NW Dayton2.127:00 a.m.
    Dale Enterprise2.17:00 a.m.
    SSE Singers Glen2.065:12 a.m.
    W Criders1.628:00 a.m.
    N Rawley Springs1.558:00 a.m.
    ESE Fulks Run1.28:00 a.m.
    Woodstock3.37:00 a.m.
    SW Seven Fountains3.448:00 a.m.
    NE Woodstock3.157:00 a.m.
    W Fort Valley3.088:00 a.m.
    Edinburg2.877:00 a.m.
    N Strasburg2.847:00 a.m.
    NW Jerome2.248:00 a.m.
    WNW Harmony1.888:00 a.m.
    NE Alonzaville1.888:00 a.m.
    SW Gravel Springs1.798:00 a.m.
    SSW Kings Crossing1.688:00 a.m.
    NW Fishers Hill1.688:00 a.m.
    S Dunavant2.310:25 a.m.
    SSW Fredericksburg2.026:00 a.m.
    W Ramoth1.968:00 a.m.
    ESE Fredericksburg2.077:00 a.m.
    Front Royal46:00 a.m.

    West Virginia


    W Martinsburg

    2.77:00 a.m.
    E Martinsburg2.688:00 a.m.
    W Arden 2.48 8:00 a.m.  
    NW Falling Waters2.457:00 a.m.
    WNW Jones Springs1:008:00 a.m.
    Bayard2.287:00 a.m.
    ESE Kline Gap2.156:10 a.m.
    W Petersburg2.117:00 a.m.
    ESE Mount Storm1.768:00 a.m.
    SE Mount Pisgah1.68:00 a.m.
    N Martin1.48:00 a.m.
    N Landes1.328:00 a.m.
    SE Lahmansville1.288:00 a.m.
    SW Romney1.597:00 a.m.
    SE Delray1.088:00 a.m.
    SE Purgitsville18:00 a.m.
    NW Rig1.897:00 a.m.
    SSE Moorefield1.827:00 a.m.
    WNW Lost City1.248:00 a.m.
    NW Brake1.28:00 a.m.
    W Baker1.128:00 a.m.
    ENE Moorefield1.088:00 a.m.
    ESE Mccauley18:00 a.m.
    N Shepherdstown3.758:45 a.m.
    NW Bolivar3.610:30 a.m.
    WSW Shenandoah Jun3.088:00 a.m.
    W Charles Town3.018:00 a.m.
    E Winebrenners Cro1.568:00 a.m.
    SSW Keyser1.787:00 a.m.
    W New Creek1.248:00 a.m.
    W Smith Crossroads2.436:00 a.m.
    Cacapon State Park2.28:00 a.m.
    SW Cacapon State P1.638:00 a.m.
    NE Unger1.168:00 a.m.
    WSW Deer Run5.58:27 a.m.
    Sugar Grove2.38:30 a.m.
    SE Cherry Grove2.68:00 a.m.
    WNW Circleville2.448:00 a.m.
    NE Fort Seybert2.196:00 a.m.
    SW Onego1.888:00 a.m.
    SSW Cherry Grove1.848:00 a.m.
    NNE Riverton1.688:00 a.m.
    ESE Brandywine1.648:00 a.m.
    NE Harper1.568:00 a.m.
    NW Oak Flat1.248:00 a.m.