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Heroic Teen Honored at His High School

Battlefield senior rescued man from burning car



    Teen Hero Honored in Prince William County

    Chris Berger was honored by the Prince William Police and Fire Departments for saving a man from a burning car last August. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010)

    Police and fire officials visited Battlefield High School in Prince William County, Va., to honor a heroic senior in front of his classmates and teachers.

    In August along a gravelly, twisting road Chris Berger came upon a burning Hummer that had rolled over with the driver was still inside.

    When he heard the man banging inside, Chris rushed to his rescue, pulled the door open.

    "I guess I thought if I was in there, I would want someone to do the same for me," he said.

    A helicopter was called to the scene to transport the driver, and Chris left the scene after fire and rescue workers arrived, not wanting any attention for his deed.

    But with his classmates cheering, Chris got a lot of attention Tuesday. Members of Prince William County's fire and police departments lined the stage to honor him for his act of heroism.

    "He was able to actions that put his own personal safety at extreme risk," Prince William County Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin McGee said, "and he did that to save the life of another."