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Good Grades? Good Grief!

Program that pays students for grades runs low on money



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    There’s good news and bad news about a program that pays students for doing well in school. The good news is that the program appears to be working. The bad news is that it appears to be working too well.

    The program, Capital Gains, is running out of money.

    It was started two years ago and pays about 3,000 middle school students in Washington. The kids receive up to $100 every two weeks for coming to school, acting appropriately, and getting good grades. In the program’s first year, students made about $35 every two weeks. This year, they’re earning $43.

    Well, you don’t have to be a straight-A student to figure out the program is going to spend a lot more money this year.

    But help may be on the way. The D.C. Council voted to add $255,000 to Capital Gains. The District has already budgeted $950,000 for the program.

    Perhaps this issue will offer kids a lesson in civics. And that won’t cost taxpayers a single dollar.