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GW Students to Get Refunds for No-Show Class

Professor gave As, didn’t teach class



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    Students who received A grades for a class that was never taught will have their tuition for the class refunded, George Washington University said.

    The students in the physician assistant program will still get credit for the course.

    The chair of the university's physician assistant department resigned last month after students complained that she never taught two semesters of a course on evidence-based medicine.

    Dr. Jeffrey Akman, dean of GW's medical school, said in a statement released Wednesday that students will get credit for the class because they've earned it through experiences during clinical rotations and other coursework.

    The professor, Venetia Orcutt, committed “egregious breaches of professional ethics and academic standards,” Akman said. He has appointed an independent review committee to ensure that something similar doesn't happen again.

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