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Dog Lost in Blizzard Found

Dog was a bit too curious



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    Baxter, a rescue dog, who was on the loose in the Cleveland Park/Chevy Chase area has been found after four days of searching.

    He was found a couple of blocks away from where he originally went missing.

    Debra Graham was out searching for him when she ran into NBC4's Pat Collins, who was out reporting on the blizzard. That started the ball rolling and word got back to the NBC4 newsroom about the wandering dog.

    When Debra ran into Collins, who was live on the air on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest, she was scouting for Baxter, a 30-pound yellow lab mix.

    Graham hadn't lived with Baxter long. She picked him up from a rescue group in South Carlolina and was going to take him to New Jersey where another group would find him a "forever home." This is a familiar part of dog rescue that some very generous folks do: transport dogs around the country to places  they can find permanent homes. 

    Baxter wasn't unhappy with Graham. He just wanted to check out the surroundings, and he gave her the slip. He was sighted several times on Saturday, but wasn't found until Sunday night.

    You can read more about Baxter on his Web site