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Council Members Shelf 15 MPH Speed Limit

Constituent feedback prompts withdrawal



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    The people have spoken.

    The proposal to slow D.C.'s residential speed limit down to 15 miles per hour sparked a lot of debate when it was first pitched by Council members Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells.

    The two intended the bill to help make the city safer for pedestrians, but the proposal drew a heaps of negative online buzz.  One person wrote Tweeted at Bowser: "DC doesn't' need to become even more of a ticket factory."

    On Thursday, Muriel Bowser's office announced that she and Wells are withdrawing the bill.

    “My constituents asked me to take a step back and I listened. But, there still needs to be more done to advance pedestrian safety,” said Ms. Bowser.

    In the release, the Ward 4 Council member said she had negotiated to expand a pilot program to study pedestrian safety in Ward 4 and Ward 6.

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