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Heat Wave Takes Toll on D.C. Region

Comcast Outages Blamed on Power Outages

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    Most Comcast outages appear to be related to the power outages, according to a statement released Monday.

    Those without service should see it return as power returns to their homes, according to Comcast. However, there are instances where although power is restored to a residence, power may not be fully restored to the Comcast distribution point that serves the neighborhood. That can delay service restoration after the power in the home returns.

    Comcast also noted that there is extensive damage due to falling trees and poles that will take longer to repair.

    “We are working closely with state and local emergency personnel and power companies, and have employees working across the footprint assessing and repairing damage in impacted areas as we are provided clearance that it's safe to do so,” the statement read.

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    (Published Monday, July 2, 2012)