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Car Stuck In Flash Flood Leads To Anonymous Underwater Rescue



    By David Schultz

    Today's heavy rains have led to flash floods throughout the region, including here in D.C., where fast-moving water trapped several cars under an overpass in Northeast.

    Bernice Clark was driving on Rhode Island Avenue when her car got stuck in quickly rising water. The water was seeping into her car and she couldn't get out.

    "When the water was at the steering wheel, and I saw all this trash that was coming in with the water," she said, "I knew that was it."

    Clark's great grandson, Davonte Williams, was in the passenger seat. He escaped, but he struggled to reach her.

    "It took me until about when the water was about to come up to her neck, so I had to grab her and pull her out of the car," he said.

    Williams tried to rescue his great grandmother but couldn't. Clark says she knew she wasn't going to make it. Just then, witnesses say, an unidentified Hispanic man tore off his clothes and dove into the water. "He came over and jumped into where we were and brought me out," Clark said. "I was alive."

    But, just as soon as the man rescued Clark, he was gone. Thomas Dade witnessed the whole thing.

    "He didn't speak to anybody, no one said anything to him, he just went on his way. So whoever he is, he's a good Samaritan and God bless him," Dade says.

    Dade says the Hispanic man left the scene so quickly, no one was able to thank him.

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