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Car-Free Living Lauded in D.C.

Washington earns a reputation as a hotbed for biking



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    Perhaps nothing sounds more unappealing during these frigid winter days than hopping on a bike and enjoying the great outdoors.

    But when the weather does warm up, you won’t find many better places than here in Washington to go biking.

    The District ranks second among major U.S. cities when it comes to walking and bicycling levels, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking. Only Boston ranks higher.

    Washington is clearly encouraging people to ditch their cars for bikes; it’s fourth among cities in funding for bicyclists and pedestrians. And more Washingtonians than ever are deciding to skip the bumper-to-bumper traffic jams during rush hour. Washington is seventh when it comes to residents biking to work.

    You can be sure Washington’s reputation as a bike Mecca will only strengthen with Metro increasing fares on all rail and bus rides and the city raising the fees on many of its parking meters.

    The Wash Cycle has a good breakdown of how the District, Maryland and Virginia compare to other states.  Check it out here.