$31K in Heroin Seized at Dulles

Man accused of ingesting pellets containing heroin

Customs officers seized heroin with a street value of about $31,000 at Dulles International Airport Friday.

Officers arrested 61-year-old Adekunle Titus Adetokunbo, of Nigeria, who is accused of ingesting pellets weighing almost 16 ounces that tested positive for heroin.

Upon arrival on a flight from Ghana, Adetokunbo told Customs and Border Patrol he was here to buy computers, clothing and vehicles from his company and said he planned to stay at an undetermined, inexpensive hotel, even though he had entered a specific destination address on his customs declaration, according to an affidavit. Officers became suspicious when Adetokunbo flinched while an officer palpitated his abdomen. They also found a jar of Vaseline, which drug smugglers use to aid in passing ingested drug pellets.

Authorities took Adetokunbo to a local hospital where X-rays showed foreign objects inside his abdomen, authorities said. He eventually passed the pellets.

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