2nd Maryland Patient Tested for Coronavirus

Here's where D.C., Maryland and Virginia stand on potential coronavirus cases

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A second person in Maryland was tested for coronavirus, health officials announced Wednesday.

The Maryland Department of Health said the person's test results are still pending. It is not known where in the state the person lives.

There has only been one other person tested for coronavirus in Maryland, and their test results came back negative.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, the second person tested for coronavirus in Northern Virginia does not have the virus. The department said five total people have been tested for coronavirus in Virginia -- two in Northern Virginia and three in central Virginia. All tests came back negative.

In Washington, D.C., four people were tested for coronavirus, and all four tests came back negative, according to the D.C. Department of Health.

There are now more than 24,000 cases of coronavirus reported in China, and at least 220 confirmed outside of mainland China. Thousands of people are being confined to cruise ships in Japan and Hong Kong for screening after multiple passengers on board tested positive for the virus.

Governments around the world are urgently working to get their citizens out of Wuhan, China, and into quarantine, while Chinese cities are encouraging people to stay inside.

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