Virginia Psychiatrist, Others Arrested in Xanax Pill Distribution Investigation

Charges include the distribution of narcotics, money laundering and related weapons charges, police said.

A Prince William County, Virginia, doctor was arrested for continuing to prescribe medication to patients who were knowingly selling the drugs to others, according to the Prince William County Police Department.

Craig Charles Krause, from Gainesville, Virginia, was arrested with 27 others as part of Operation Breaking Bars, an investigation into the import and distribution of high volumes of illicit Xanax pills. Police were eventually led to Krause after one of their suspects sold medication prescribed by Krause to other people

Detectives visited Krause, a psychiatric doctor, multiple times to alert him that his prescribed medication was being abused and sold. They said he refused to stop prescribing the medication, and police later found out more medication, including Xanax, was being obtain via prescriptions by several other people and sold to others, including an undercover detective.

Search warrants on two of the doctor’s offices were carried out on Aug. 9. Krause was found to have hydrocodone and a firearm.

Police said 28 people have been charged with distribution of narcotics, money laundering and related weapons charges. They said the suspects are allegedly responsible for the distribution of thousands of Xanax pills in Prince William County and other parts of the country.

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