'12 Hours I Can't Account For': Women Say Their Drinks Were Spiked at Maryland Bar

One woman said she went public to make others aware of the danger. 

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A woman who believes she was "roofied" on Saturday at a bar in Frederick, Maryland, went public with her story and filed a report with the county sheriff’s office - only to receive messages from over a dozen other women who said they were also drugged.

The woman, who News4 has chosen not to identify, posted a video on TikTok saying that someone put drugs in her drink at Champions Billiards. Since that post, she said 13 other women have contacted her saying they were drugged on the same night at the same bar. 

“I need to say something to prevent this from happening to someone else,” she said in the video. “It’s really scary. There is like a whole 12 hours of time that I can’t account for. My best friend and my girlfriend took care of me."

A manager at Champion Billiards said they would not make a statement right now because this is an open investigation. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said Champions Billiards is “fully cooperating.”

“It doesn’t just happen at huge clubs. Or college bars. It’s happening right next to you when you’re right around your friends and you think you’re safe,” the woman said in the video. 

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office said that the TikTok video has received "more than 200 comments with numerous other women claiming someone drugged them as well."

Authorities want anyone with information about this alleged incident to get in contact with the sheriff’s office at 301-600-1046 and ask for Detective Zachary Sanders.

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