104-Year-Old Virginia McLaurin Honored for Volunteering in D.C.

The District honored a community volunteer who spends about 40 hours per week with students who have severe mental and physical disabilities.

Virginia McLaurin received a standing ovation from the crowd as she accepted her volunteer community service award from Mayor Vincent Gray Tuesday.

The 104-year-old easily took to the microphone.

“I really appreciate and thank each and every one,” she said.

Originally from South Carolina, McLaurin lives on upper 13th Street NW, a two-block walk to the Sharpe School where she volunteers.

She apologized for wearing tennis shoes and said she needed her cane for more than walking. “I keep the boys and the dogs away with this,” she joked.

In her 104 years, Mrs.McLaurin worked as a housekeeper, nanny and seamstress. She first married at 14 and was widowed at 17.

“I always tell people, live the best they know how,” she said. “Don’t steal. Don’t cheat.”

She does have one big wish: She'd like to meet President Barack Obama. “I didn't think I'd live to see a black president,” she said.

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