‘Dear Future Me:' 7-Year-Old Captures Pandemic Struggles, Hopes in Letter to Self

Dominick River Choi wrote a letter to his future self about living through COVID-19

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“Dear future me. Right now, there is COVID in the whole world.”

That’s the opening line of 7-year-old Dominick River Choi’s letter to himself about the pandemic.

Dominick started journaling about a year ago and his latest prompt was to write to his future self.

In the letter, he wishes the virus would go away and yearns to go to school and playdates again.

How he feels isn’t surprising, but hearing it in his own words hits in a different way. It reiterates how so many other children are feeling and maybe adults, too.

It’s why Dominick’s mom wanted to share his letter.

“Dominick’s writing, it’s more raw and the emotions are more palpable and its bittersweet and you really start to see this is real for them,” Robin Rozicer Choi said.

Here’s a transcription of Dominick’s letter:

Dear future me,

Right now there is COVID in the whole world. Life has changed. I don’t see my friends every day like I used to. I don’t know when I’ll go back to school. Life is hard. I know I wish I could go to playdates, but since COVID came, I have to be careful! How old will I be when COVID ends? Can we be done with the mask and see everyones face!!!!!!!


Dominick River Choi

7 years old

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